The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA)

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Boeing operates through five principal business segments:


• Commercial Airplanes
• Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS)
      Boeing Military Aircraft (BMA)
      Network & Space Systems (N&SS)
      Global Services & Support (GS&S)
• Boeing Capital Corporation (BCC)
• Other.

Company Information

Revenues ('16): $94,571M -1.6%

R&D ('16): $4,627M +38.9%

Net Profit ('16): $4,895M -5.4%

CAPEX ('16): $2,613M +6.7%

Boeing - OEM

Aerospace Sector:


Major Diversified OEM

Boeing Products:

Commercial wide-body jet aircraft; Commercial narrow-body jet aircraft; Commercial jet transport aircraft; Commercial aircraft financing solutions; Fighter and attack aircraft; Bombers; Military transport and tanker aircraft; Military rotorcraft and tilt-rotor aircraft; Airborne surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft; Airborne command and control aircraft; Naval warfare aircraft; UAVs/UAS; Air-to-ground missiles (AGM); Smart bombs; Smart bomb kits; Missile defense systems; Network and tactical systems; Battle management systems; Intelligence and security systems; Space and intelligence systems; Satellites; Satellite launch vehicles; Space exploration services.

Boeing's Major U.S. Defense Programs:

| A-10 | DoD Prime ContractorAH-64 | DoD Prime ContractorAV-8B | DoD Prime ContractorB-1B | DoD Prime ContractorB-52 | DoD Prime ContractorC-17 | DoD Prime ContractorC-40 | DoD Prime ContractorCH-47 | DoD Prime ContractorE-3 |
| DoD Prime ContractorE-4B | DoD Prime ContractorE-6B | DoD Prime ContractorEELV | DoD Prime ContractorF-15 | DoD Prime ContractorF/A-18 Hornet | DoD Prime ContractorF/A-18E/F | DoD Prime ContractorEA-18G |
| DoD Prime ContractorF-22 Raptor | DoD Prime ContractorGMD | GPS | DoD Prime ContractorHellfire | DoD Prime ContractorKC-10 | DoD Prime ContractorKC-46 | DoD Prime ContractorJDAM | DoD Prime ContractorJTRS |
| DoD Prime ContractorP-8A Poseidon | DoD Prime ContractorRQ-21 | DoD Prime ContractorSmall Diameter Bomb | DoD Prime ContractorV-22 Osprey | DoD Prime ContractorVC-25 |
| DoD Prime ContractorWGS |

Boeing's Commercial Programs:

| Narrow-Body Jets: 737NG, 737 MAX, BBJ |
| Wide-Body Jets: 747-8, 767, 777, 777X (dev.), 787 |

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Aerospace Company Data
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