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Product Type:

Amphibious Assault Ship

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Program Status:

In Production

Prime Contractor:

Huntington Ingalls Industries

The LHA 6 America Class Assault Ship

About the LHA America Class:

The America Class Landing Helicopter Assault (LHA) ship is a gas-turbine powered amphibious assault ship, which resembles a small aircraft carrier. The LHA 6 Class is built by Huntington Ingalls Industries in Pascagoula, MS. The America Class was designed to replace LHA 1 Tarawa Class assault ships. All five Tarawa Class LHAs (LHA 1-5) have been decommissioned.

An LHA is 844 ft long with a 106-foot beam. The ship weighs 44,854 tons and takes approximately five years to build. The new LHA ships have a crew of 1,059 (65 officers) and can embark 1,687 Marines and transport them and their equipment ashore by rotary-wing aircraft. USS America (LHA-6) is nearly three football fields longs, 20 stories high from its keel to the top of its deckhouse, and has 2 acres of flight deck.

LHA America Class ships are powered by two marine gas turbine engines, providing 70,000 total brake horsepower, as well as two 5,000 horsepower auxiliary propulsion motors.

The LHA 6 America Class is based on the design of the LHD Wasp Class (LHD 1-8). Key differences between LHA and the LHD class ships include an enlarged hangar deck, enhanced aviation maintenance facilities, carries more aviation fuel, additional aircraft storerooms, removal of the well deck, and an electronically reconfigurable C4ISR suite. The new LHAs accommodate the U.S. Marine Corps' future Air Combat Element (ACE) and carry 9 F-35B Joint Strike Fighters, 4 AH-1Z Viper attack helicopters 4 CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters 12 MV-22 Osprey, and 2 MH-60S Seahawk (aka Knighthawk).

Electronic systems onboard include the Northrop Grumman AN/SPQ-9B, a multimode X-band pulse doppler radar that detects sea skimming missiles.

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) LHA(R) Replacement program has two increments. Flight 0 consists of two ships, LHA-6 (USS America) and LHA-7 (USS Tripoli). Flight 1 consists of the LHA 8 (USS Bougainville). USS America (LHA-6) was placed under contract in June 2007 with Huntington Ingalls Industries. LHA-6 was launched in June 2012, christened on October 20, 2012, and commissioned on October 11, 2014. LHA-7 is expected to be delivered to the Navy in December 2018 with LHA-8 following in January 2024.

Armament/Ship Self-Defense:

The LHA-6 is equipped with seven 7.62mm .50 caliber machine guns, two Raytheon Mk 49 RAM Guided Missile Launching System (GMLS) with 21 RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missiles, and two NATO Sea Sparrow launchers with one RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) each.

LHA Production Forecast:

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The LHA America Class provides a short take-off vertical landing (STOVL) and vertical take-off landing (VTOL) capability to support amphibious assaults. LHA 6 is the U.S. Navy's largest expeditionary warfare ship.

FY 2020 & FY 2021 - LHA 6 DoD Program:

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Source: U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Huntington Ingalls Industries.

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