General Dynamics (NYSE:GD)

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General Dynamics operates through four principal business segments:


• Aerospace
• Combat Systems
• Information Systems and Technology
• Marine Systems.

Company Information

Revenues ('20): $37,925M -3.6%

R&D ('20): $374M -19.7%

Net Profit ('20): $3,167M -9.1%

CAPEX ('20): $967M -2.2%

General Dynamics - OEM

Aerospace Sector:

   Major Diversified OEM

General Dynamics Products:

Mid- and large-cabin business-jet aircraft; Maintenance, refurbishment, outfitting and aircraft services; Wheeled combat and tactical vehicles; Main battle tanks; Tracked infantry vehicles; Blast- and ballistics-protected vehicles + maintenance and repair services; Munitions and propellant; Rockets and gun systems; 120mm mortar and 155mm and 105mm artillery projectiles; Conventional bomb structures; Mortar systems and large-caliber ammunition; Nuclear-powered submarines (Virginia Class); Surface combatants; Auxiliary and combat-logistics ships; Commercial ships; Design and engineering support.

General Dynamics' Major DoD Defense Programs:

| DoD Prime ContractorC-20 | DoD Prime ContractorC-37 | DoD Prime ContractorDDG 51 | DoD Prime ContractorDDG 1000 | F-35 Lightning II | GPS | GMV / ITV |
| JHSV | DoD Prime ContractorJTRS | DoD Prime ContractorM1 Abrams | DoD Prime ContractorMobile Landing Platform | DoD Prime ContractorMRAP | DoD Prime ContractorStryker |
| DoD Prime ContractorSSN 774 Virginia Class | DoD Prime ContractorTAO-205 | DoD Prime ContractorWIN-T |

General Dynamics' Commercial Programs:

| Gulfstream: G280, G500, G550, G600, G650, G650ER |

Sales 2016-2020 Net Income 2016-2020 R&D Spending 2016-2020 # Employees 2016-2020
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Aerospace Company Data
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