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HEICO operates through two principal business segments:


• Flight Support Group
• Electronic Technologies Group.

Company Information

Revenues ('20): $1,787M -13.1%

R&D ('20): $66M -1.5%

Net Profit ('20): $336M -6.6%

CAPEX ('20): $23M -20.7%


Aerospace Sector:


Communication Systems/RF; Avionics

HEICO's Products:

Design and manufacture of jet engine and aircraft component replacement parts (FAA approved, non-OEM parts); Overhaul and distribution of jet engine and aircraft components, avionics and instruments; Manufacture of thermal insulation products, complex composite assemblies and other component parts; Design and manufacture of various types of electronic, microwave and electro-optical products: infrared simulation and test equipment, laser rangefinder receivers, electrical power supplies, back-up power supplies, power conversion products, underwater locator beacons, emergency locator transmission beacons, electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference shielding, high power capacitor charging power supplies, amplifiers, traveling wave tube amplifiers, photodetectors, amplifier modules, microwave power modules, flash lamp drivers, laser diode drivers, arc lamp power supplies, custom power supply designs, cable assemblies, high voltage power supplies, high voltage interconnection devices and wire, high voltage energy generators, high frequency power delivery systems, three-dimensional microelectronic and stacked memory products, harsh environment electronic connectors and other interconnect products, radio frequency (RF) and microwave amplifiers, transmitters and receivers, wireless cabin control systems, solid state power distribution and management systems, crashworthy and ballistically self-sealing auxiliary fuel systems, nuclear radiation detectors, communications and electronic intercept receivers and tuners, fuel level sensing systems, high-speed interface products, and high-performance active antenna systems.

HEICO's U.S. Defense Programs:

No information available.

HEICO's Commercial Programs:

No information available.

Sales 2016-2020 Net Income 2016-2020 R&D Spending 2016-2020 # Employees 2016-2020
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Aerospace Company Data
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