Huntington Ingalls Ind. (NYSE:HII)

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Huntington Ingalls operates through three principal business segments:


• Ingalls;
• Newport News
• Technical Solutions.

Company Information

Revenues ('20): $9,361M +5.2%

R&D ('20): $31M +34.8%

Net Profit ('20): $696M +26.8%

CAPEX ('20): $353M -33.4%

Huntington Ingalls - OEM

Aerospace & Defense Sector:




Nuclear and non-nuclear ships for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard, including amphibious assault ships, aircraft carriers, surface combatants, and National Security Cutters (NSCs); submarines, submarine modules, U.S. Navy large deck amphibious ships (LHA) and amphibious transport dock ships (LPD); Arleigh Burke class (DDG 51) guided missile destroyers; Nimitz Class aircraft carrier (CVN 68); Ford Class aircraft carrier (CVN 78); Virginia Class submarine (SSN 774): stern, habitability and machinery spaces, torpedo room, sail, and bow; Columbia class (SSBN 826): Modules; naval nuclear support services; nuclear powered aircraft carrier refueling and complex overhaul; fleet life-cycle sustainment services.

Major U.S. Defense Programs:

| DoD Prime ContractorDDG 51 | DoD Prime ContractorLHA 6 | DoD Prime ContractorLPD 17 | DoD Prime ContractorNimitz Class | DoD Prime ContractorFord Class |
| SSBN 826 Columbia class | SSN 774 Virginia Class |

Commercial Programs:

No information available.

Sales 2016-2020 Net Income 2016-2020 R&D Spending 2016-2020 # Employees 2016-2020
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