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L3Harris Technologies operates through four principal business segments:

• Integrated Mission Systems
• Space and Airborne Systems
• Communication Systems
• Aviation Systems.

Company Information

Revenues ('20): $18,194M

R&D ('20): $684M

Net Profit ('20): $1,086M

CAPEX ('20): $368M

L3 Technologies - Tier I

Aerospace Sector:

   C4ISR; Communication Systems/RF

L3's Products:

Multi-mission ISR and communication systems, sensor development, modifications and depot maintenance. Maritime integrated command, control, communications, computers and cyber ISR (C5ISR) systems for maritime platforms; unmanned surface and undersea autonomous solutions; and power and ship control systems. EO/IR sensors and surveillance and targeting systems. Space Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) products, systems and solutions; space antenna systems; precision space structures; space reflectors; development and integration of end-to-end systems of satellites; and environmental solutions. Situational awareness optical networks and advanced wireless solutions. Advanced avionics components; carriage and release systems; sensors; encryption solutions; antenna systems; and data processing technology. EW solutions incl. multi-spectral situational awareness, threat warning and countermeasures capabilities. Tactical radios incl. Handheld, Manpack and Small Form-Fit (HMS) radios; Broadband secured mobile networked communication equipment, including airborne, space and surface data link terminals, ground stations and transportable tactical satellite communication (SATCOM) systems; Helmet and weapon mounted integrated night vision systems; and SATCOM terminals and battlefield management networks. Precision engagement sensors and systems; small UAVs; antennas and arrays; and RF amplifiers and microwave electronic devices. Combat vehicle engines and transmissions. GPS receivers for guided projectiles and precision munitions and navigation for fire control systems. Traffic collision avoidance products; flight recorders; flight simulators and training systems; pilot training services; and mission-critical infrastructure communications and networking solutions.

L3's DoD Defense Programs:

| C-130 Hercules | F-16 | F-35 Lightning II | FFG(X) | MOSSAIC |

L3's Commercial Programs:

No Information Available.

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