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Leidos operates through three principal business segments:


• Defense Solutions
• Civil
• Health.

Company Information

Revenues ('20): $12,297M +10.8%

R&D ('20): $73M +49.0%

Net Profit ('20): $629M -6.1%

CAPEX ('20): $183M +51.2%

SAIC - Tier I

Aerospace Sector:


Defense Services

Leidos' Products:

Multi-spectral, airborne, ground and maritime ISR collection and processing systems; advanced sensor design; C2 solutions and training systems; laser and radio frequency-based communications systems; and modification of commercial aircraft for military use. Surface and subsurface autonomous and unmanned technologies incl. submarine collection technologies and anti-submarine warfare system installation and maintenance. Software development capabilities for C2, intelligence and information systems and mission and enterprise-level solutions; data analytics; cybersecurity solutions; design, development, integration, deployment and support of information-centric software and enterprise IT systems. Intelligence analysis, operational support, logistics operations, security, linguistics and training. Tactical weapons components and systems for surface-launched missiles, cruise missiles, air-to-air, air-to-ground and anti-ship missiles and guided munitions and rockets; boost-glide, launcher and air-breathing systems; hypersonic defense systems; integrated force protection in both directed energy and area defense. Support of autonomous systems incl. UAS/UAV, surface, undersea, and ground. Integrated design and manufacturing services in support of human-rated and exploration spacecraft incl. design and manufacture for satellite propulsion, structures and avionics and key launch vehicle subsystems.

Leidos' U.S. Defense Programs:

Active on many DoD IT, Ground Vehicle and Weapons programs.

Leidos' Commercial Programs:

No information available.

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Aerospace Company Data
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