Parker Hannifin (NYSE:PH)

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Parker Hannifin operates through two principal business segments:

• Aerospace Systems
• Diversified Industrial.

Company Information

Revenues ('16): $11,361M -10.6%

R&D ('16): $360M +4.2%

Net Profit ('16): $807M -20.3%

CAPEX ('16): $149M -30.7%

Parker Hannifin - Tier I

Aerospace Sector:


Motion & Flow Control

Parker Hannifin's Products:

Accumulators; Automatic bleed valves; Electrohydraulic servo valves; Electronic controllers and software; Engine-driven pumps; Filtration manifolds; Hydraulic power packs; Integration packages; Motor pumps; Power transfer units; Reservoirs; Selector valves; Thrust-reverser systems; Utility actuators; Fuel tank inerting systems; Refuel, transfer, and pressurization controls; In-flight refueling systems; Fuel pumps and valves; Fuel measurement and management systems; Fuel and pneumatic filtration; Fluid conveyance equipment; Center of gravity controls; Engine fuel injection atomization nozzles, manifolds and augmentor controls; Electronic monitoring computers and controllers; Lightning-safe flame arresters, fuel caps, and adapters; Water and waste subsystems; Rubber, metal, and PTFE hose assemblies; Rigid tube assemblies; Couplings, quick disconnects, fittings, joints, and unions; Valves and regulators; Pneumatic subsystems; Low-pressure pneumatic controls; Engine starter systems; Fuel valves and manifolds; Engine bleed control and anti-ice systems; Electronic control and monitoring computers; Fuel and pneumatic filtration; Fluid conveyance systems and engine build units; Motor-driven and hydraulic pumps; Oil and lubrication pumps and equipment; and Thrust reverser actuation.

Parker Hannifin's DoD Defense Programs:

| C-17 | C-130 | F/A-18E/F Super Hornet | F-22 Raptor | F-35 Lightning II | HH-60M |
| MH-60R | MH-60S | UH-60 Black Hawk | RQ-4 Global Hawk | V-22 Osprey |

Parker Hannifin's Commercial Programs:

| Airbus: A320/A320neo Family, A330, A350 XWB, A380 |
| Boeing: 737NG, 747-8, 767, 777, 787 | Bombardier: CRJ | Embraer: ERJ |

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