Raytheon Company (NYSE:RTN)

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Raytheon through four principal business segments:

• Integrated Defense Systems (IDS);
• Intelligence, Information and Services (IIS);
• Missile Systems (MS);
• Space and Airborne Systems (SAS); and
• Forcepoint.

Company Information

Revenues ('19): $29,176M +7.8%

R&D ('19): $732M -13.0%

Net Profit ('19): $3,329M +15.5%

CAPEX ('19): $942M +23.5%

Raytheon - OEM

Aerospace Sector:

   Missiles/Munitions; Avionics

Raytheon Products:

Air and missile defense systems; Surface-to-air missiles; Air-to-air missiles; Air-to-surface missiles; Laser-Guided Bombs; Smart munitions; Anti-radiation missiles; EW decoy/jammers; Projectiles; Anti-armor/anti-fortification weapon systems; Kinetic kill vehicles; Directed energy effectors; Close-In Weapon Systems (CIWS); Ship self-defense missiles; Maritime air and missile defense radar systems; Submarine and surface ship combat management systems; Anti-submarine, mine warfare and integrated ship systems; Sensors; Maritime naval navigation systems; Torpedoes; Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems; Cybersecurity; Analytics; Training; Logistics; Mission support; Engineering; Automation and Sustainment solutions; Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems; Satellite command and control systems; Large-scale data processing and exploitation, storage architectures, and high-performance data handling and processing systems; EO/IR sensors; Airborne radars for surveillance and fire control; Lasers; Precision guidance systems; Signals intelligence systems; Processors; EW systems; Communications systems.

Raytheon's Major DoD Defense Programs A-Z:

| DoD Prime ContractorAGM-65 Maverick | DoD Prime ContractorAGM-176 Griffin | A-10 | DoD Prime ContractorAGM-88 | DoD Prime ContractorAMRAAM |
| DoD Prime ContractorAN/SPY-6 AMDR | B-2 Spirit | B-52 | CG 47 | DDG 51 | DDG 1000 | DoD Prime ContractorESSM | E-2D |
| DoD Prime ContractorExcalibur | F-15 | F-16 | F/A-18E/F | EA-18G | F-22 Raptor | F-35 Lightning II |
| DoD Prime ContractorGPS | GMD | HH-60 | DoD Prime ContractorJavelin | DoD Prime ContractorJLENS | DoD Prime ContractorJSOW | KC-46 | Littoral Combat Ship |
| LPD 17 | DoD Prime ContractorMALD-J | MH-60R | MH-60S | MQ-1/MQ-9 | MQ-8B | P-8A | DoD Prime ContractorRIM-116 |
| DoD Prime ContractorPaveway | RQ-4 | DoD Prime ContractorSidewinder | DoD Prime ContractorSDB II | DoD Prime ContractorSM-2/SM-6 | DoD Prime ContractorSM-3 (AEGIS BMD) |
| DoD Prime ContractorTomahawk | DoD Prime ContractorTOW | V-22 Osprey |

Commercial Programs:

No information available.

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