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Teledyne operates through four principal business segments:


• Instrumentation
• Digital Imaging
• Aerospace and Defense Electronics
• Engineered Systems.

Company Information

Revenues ('20): $3,086M -2.5%

R&D ('20): $196M -6.5%

Net Profit ('20): $402M -0.1%

CAPEX ('20): $71M -19.2%

Teledyne - Tier II

Aerospace Sector:


Communication Systems/RF; Avionics

Teledyne's Products:

Electronic components and subsystems incl. data acquisition and communications components and equipment, interconnects, and general aviation batteries. Systems engineering, integration and advanced technology development, and complex manufacturing solutions. Monitoring and control instruments and electronic test and measurement equipment. End-to-end undersea interconnect solutions; subsea, wet-mateable electrical and fiber-optic interconnect systems; subsea pressure vessel penetrators and connector systems incl. epoxy connectors and cable assemblies; and acoustic modems. Autonomous and remotely operated underwater vehicles. High-precision pumps; liquid chromatography instruments and accessories incl. evaporative light scanning detectors. High-performance oscilloscopes and high-speed protocol analyzers; modular analog-to-digital conversion systems; torque sensors; and automatic data acquisition systems. Manufacturing services for micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) and high-performance, high-reliability semiconductors; image sensors and digital cameras; spectrographs and optics products; and high-resolution, low-dose X-Ray sensors.

Teledyne's U.S. Defense Programs:

No information available.

Teledyne's Commercial Programs:

No information available.

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