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Lockheed Martin conducts research and development activities under customer-sponsored contracts and with its own independent research and development funds. Lockheed Martin's independent research and development costs include basic research, applied research, development, systems and other concept formulation studies. Generally, these costs are allocated among all contracts and programs in progress under U.S. Government contractual arrangements. Costs Lockheed Martin incurs under customer-sponsored research and development programs pursuant to contracts are included in net sales and cost of sales. Under certain arrangements in which a customer shares in product development costs, Lockheed Martin's portion of the unreimbursed costs is expensed as incurred in cost of sales.

In the years from 2006 to 2014, Lockheed Martin spent the following on R&D (company-funded):
2014: $751 million, 1.6% of total revenues
2013: $697 million, 1.5% of total revenues
2012: $616 million, 1.3% of total revenues
2011: $585 million, 1.3% of total revenues
2010: $639 million, 1.4% of total revenues
2009: $717 million, 1.6% of total revenues
2008: $698 million, 1.7% of total revenues
2007: $678 million, 1.7% of total revenues
2006: $624 million, 1.6% of total revenues

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